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Module 1

  • Seven Transformations Of Leadership

Module 2

  • Seven Traits Of The Super Successful

Module 3

  • Transformational Power: Understanding The Four Inescapable Human Realities

Module 4

  • The Emergent Leader: Essential Human Connection


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Extraordinary Times call for Extraordinary Leaders

RyoLEARN Certified EMERGENT LEADERSHIP Program OnLine uses Harvard Research outcomes and The Ryo Technique to develop effective leaders. Its goals: enhance growth mindset; master relevant skillsets; achieve envisioned success. This program provides a framework to a) optimize dynamic personal growth, b) clarify vision, and c) create strategies that can sustain achieved success.


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What is Emergent Leadership and why is it important now more than ever?

Conditions exist throughout our world receptive to a newer generation of effective leaders capable of transforming organizations, businesses, communities and the global landscape into SMARTER entities. Such leaders are in great demand.



  • Industrial leadership styles are in a calamitous struggle dealing with knowledge-era situations
  • Status Quo operational values stymie growth in rapidly changing environments
  • The 'old guard' and 'new front' mistrust each other immensely
  • Global catastrophes & other competing forces are colliding beneath clouds of uncertainty.


There is chaos. And death!


These times call for courageous leadership and for persons to lead in very unexpected ways.


Emergent Leaders are equipped with the mindset and skillset to rise through the eye of such storms and transform their destructive energies into creative forces.


Emergent Leaders have the capacity to collaborate within an organic movement in order to re-imagine, articulate and implement a SMART new vision.


Emergent Leaders have the courage and capability to foster and allow newer organic leadership to emerge.


This is an 'ACTIVE' ON-LINE Empowerment PROGRAM


What Will This Program Do for YOU?

This modular active learning program is designed to

  • develop and expand the capacity of emerging leaders
  • provide emerging leders with the skills and strategic frameworks to deal with contempary issues
  • provide emerging leaders with skills and habits to overcome obstacles and recognize opportunities
  • share best practices for implementing a smart new vision aimed at achieving desired transformation.


Participants are required to exercise leadership in areas selected from their fields of interest and through it demonstrate within a cultural, digital, community and/or technical environment acquired leadership skills.


This program includes and employs the most up-to-date Harvard and Princeton research, findings and outcomes on leadership, group dynamics and personal power, along with lectures, interviews, interactions, counseling and coaching from in-field professionals. It is presented and practiced in four modules:

  • Module 1: Transformational Leadership
  • Module 2: The Habits, Practices & Traits Of Succesfull Contemporary Leaders
  • Module 3: Transformational Power & How It Works In Contemporary Social Situations
  • Module 4: Being A Leader: That Essential Human Connection!


The emphases throughout this program is on exercising emergent leadership skills, as well as, on developing and demonstrating an emergent leader's mindset.


On program completion, list your Emergent Leadership Certification on LinkedN, highlight it on your resume, accept emergent leadership roles, participate in RyoLearn Alumni forums, share your success.

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Emergent Leadership

Highly Recommended. Who would benefit?

  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organizers
  • Office Holders
  • Superintendents
  • Innovators
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Activists
  • Managers







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