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Doing the following improves flexibility:

  1. Dynamic warm-up before playing or training
  2. Full range of motion executing each shot
  3. Static stretches after playing or training
  4. Massage
  5. Relaxation
  6. Proper breathing (Deep Breathe)
  7. Remaining hydrated










It is ALWAYS RyoSports recommendation to ALL - whether you are a seasoned athlete, competitive player, recreational athlete or beginner - to CONSULT your personal health professional (doctor) before engaging in any set of strenuous and / or repetitive physical activities.


Ready To Be A Champion? . . . S T R E T C H . . . yourself!

Stretching increases flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow to muscles. Stretching improves physical performance and posture. Stretching decreases tension headaches. Stretching relieves stress and calms the mind. Life feels good after a good stretch.

Stretches for Beginners



Preparations for Top Level Match Performance

(Preparing your mind, your body, and your mojo)

In this segment our focus is 'on-the-day preparation' of your body for match play. Samples of what pros do behind the scenes as well as ways you'll want to adapt these preparations to suit your level of game and best performance are provided:

- Dynamic On-Court Warm-Up

- Mandatory Pre-match Warm-up

- After match cool down

- Behind The Scenes with Top Pro's

Dynamic Warm Up is an essential pre-match and pre-training activitty.


Tennis Warmup Routines


Tennis Match Warm-Up


Warm Down Routines


Let's take a peek at Federer behind-the-scenes.




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