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Riding Moby Dick


RMD - an audio excerpt


How These Beat The Odds Every Time

Talented & Gifted - Access The Genius In You!

Problem Number 1: No one! Yes, no one has taken the journey you are on. No one! No one faces the odds you face. No one! No one, but YOU! Besides, you alone know you - the real you! Only YOU!


Problem Number 2: Many of your fellow up-and-comers and their acquaintances are marching straight into obsolescence. Perhaps, you are already there. Obsolete! By the time those up-and-comers arrive in the coveted marketplace / industry / field / arena, the skills they are developing will be obsolete; the market would be flooded with their skillsets; the huge return they were anticipating for their dedication and hard work would have dwindled. Sounds familiar? Those facts are everywhere. The early bird got the worm. Life is on a fast track. Your landscapes are changing quicker than mosquito diseases. Newer technologies are arriving as swift as hurricanes. Genuises are wilting on the vines. Complaining is not the answer. Crying will do you no good. Blame whatever you want, you're in the same spot. So, you decided to follow the path of that wealthy / succesful / high-five drive-by who made it to the latest treasure-hole and returned loaded with that treasure. Why? S. T. O. P. Hit the brakes so you can hear me repeating the question. "Why are you heading into that hole? Duh!"


Problem Number 3: No one, I repeat, no one knows the future - not the future you are entering. And, if you know someone who does, you will still need this course - How These Beat The Odds Every Time - you will need what it offers for your way there and through there and back or onward!


Here is the Great News. Breathe! This program is for Talented and Gifted individuals! There is GREAT NEWS: many are beating the odds all the time. This program lays out the groundwork and lets you build your foundation.

You can beat your odds too.

An Oxbridge Masterclass Program


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Highly Recommended. Who would benefit?

  • Talented Individuals
  • Gifted Individuals
  • Parents
  • Coaches, Counselors, Teachers & Mentors
  • Big Brothers
  • Big Sisters








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