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A Magical Moment

WTA Finals Streaming (Fortworth Texas, Dickies Stadium)

Carlos Alcaraz Wins US Open
Becomes the youngest male No 1

Carlos Alcaraz



Serena Inspired

Serena GrandSlams

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What is Emergent Leadership and why is it important now more than ever?

Conditions exist throughout our world receptive to a newer generation of effective leaders capable of transforming organizations, businesses, communities and the global landscape into SMARTER entities. Such leaders are in great demand.

Bowfoot Peter

Learn how to build & climb YOUR ladder to preferred achievements. A viable framework for a life of remarkable significance:


  1. Know WHAT you want
  2. Understand WHY you want what you want
  3. Set YOUR GPS to your destination
  4. OWN your limitations
  5. Find your SWEET SPOT
  6. ENJOY the journey
  7. STAKE YOUR CLAIM (Collect The Booty).
Audio Works by Neville DeAngelou


Don't Scream by Neville DeAngelou

j o y

[ { joi } - noun ]

gladness not based on circumstance

The Day Seven Boys Became Men

Seven Boys


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