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Health Check

So, you got the call. Welcome to your life. Our personal narrative has immense power. It is dynamic. It exerts an incredible force on everything we do. It has a tremendous impact on those around us.

We’ll explore this narrative, discover where it gets its power, figure out who is control of it, and learn how to rearrange its plot lines.

Before we face that challenge, let’s do a quick health check: mental, spiritual and physical. It’s essential. Immediately following, we’ll de-clutter. Decluttering is essential.

A MENTAL check:  Are you the puppet or the puppeteer?

A SPIRITUAL check:  Are you a spotlight or a lantern?

REMEMBER: This is your life – Only You Can Live It.

NOTE: Everything in life exists in the realm of context.

First things first – The Simple Question: Who Are You?

“Are you being you?” and “Who are you being?” are subsets of that question. Who Am I? ‘I’ is not a function of context. Neither is U. A little humor is hiding in there.

We are about to begin our exciting new relationship, but first, let’s continue our health check.

A PHYSICAL check: A healthy body needs a healthy mind to thrive.

There are SIX ESSENTIAL things we ought to agree to do in order to sustain a healthy body mind and spirit in which to be and with which we’ll engage each other.

  • 1. Eat Nutritious Foods
  • 2. Stress Less
  • 3. Exercise Regularly
  • 4. Pay Attention To Your Mental Health
  • 5. Sleep Well
  • 6. Your Sexual Health Affects Your Overall Health


Welcome to our new and expanding relationshipThis Is Your Life. And Mine. You cannot live mine. I cannot live yours. Don’t even try.

Here’s A RyoBook Quote. Pass It On:

“Your freedom to be will NEVER trump mine, nor mine yours.”  

That is the first dilemma you and I will face. Them too! Trust me.


Here’s a health watch for the guys. Ladies, your turn will come soon. Take good care of yourselves.